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About Chris Healey

Helping You Harness Your ADHD, Coaching You To Achieve Your Goals

Do you feel at times that your goals and aims in life are somehow unobtainable?

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes by daily life, and that at times it's a struggle just to keep going ?

Do you feel the condition makes you feel isolated?
Do you feel that your actions can be misunderstood and your hard work often goes unappreciateed?

Do you wish you could use your ADHD to your advantage rather than feel it is a burden?

Do you feel there is little to no support for us adults with ADHD?


I understand.

I get you.

I've been there.

I am acutely aware of the struggles the condition brings. 

I am a Coach with ADHD.  I was diagnosed as an adult.   I looked for workshops, therapeutic support, either one-to-one or groups for guidance - I couldn't find any that seemed suitable.


Eventually, I decided to dedicate my career to coaching others with ADHD. 

Having worked in education for many years, as a specialist leader in education, I began training colleagues in leadership, strategic change and becoming outstanding practitioners. I also worked training others in coaching methodology, listening, empowering others and motivating the teams you lead.

I believe that coaching is potentially the most effective way to make long-lasting positive changes to your life. 

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