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ADHD in the UK 

ADHD in the UK is a book for people with ADHD and their loved ones.

It's a survival guide to help people navigate having ADHD within the UK's healthcare system.

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If you listen or read ADHD in the UK, and find it useful, then I'd be grateful for reviews or for you to recommend it to anyone you think it may benefit.

I very much enjoyed reading this book (ADHD in UK). It is a well written, authoritative book which would be extremely useful for those who suffer from ADHD as well as those professionals who look after them. It is indeed highly recommended. As a doctor myself, I learned a great deal. Well done Chris.

Dr. Mohammed Mirfattahi

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My only goal in publishing this guide is to support as many people as possible by providing vital information about ADHD and offer advice about the obstacles ADHDers face when seeking diagnosis or support in the UK.

Based on personal experience, the experiences of colleague and client, the experience of campaigning for change in how the UK approaches ADHD, ADHD in the UK contains all the information that I wish I had known when I started my ADHD journey.

As soon as you discover you have ADHD, a life-changing journey begins. If you are undertaking this journey in the UK, you will face numerous obstacles along the way.


Don’t be deterred.  


You are not alone.


This book is a guide to help you on your journey.


To successfully manage ADHD, diagnosis is crucial. Knowledge of yourself allows you to understand yourself better, to make positive changes and to learn to accept and love who you are.


Those of us with ADHD discover that our greatest difficulties AND our greatest strengths come from our neurological difference.


Learn to embrace your ADHD, be proud of what it brings you and begin to celebrate your talents.

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