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Why use coaching for ADHD?

How coaching can help adults with ADHD

I know that many elements of the condition can be hugely advantageous when harnessed effectively. 

Creativity.  Meticulous attention to detail.  Resilience. Entrepreneurial vision.

I also know how difficult it is to find support when you are an adult with ADHD. 

I believe in the huge benefit that coaching can bring clients with ADHD -
in helping clients to take control of their lives and learn mechanisms to minimise the sense of negativity, the frequent obstacles and self-imposed limitations that the condition can cause.

Through coaching, you can start to enjoy and utilise the innate skills and talents that come with ADHD.
This is why my practice is dedicated solely to adults with ADHD.

I am confident that, after initial contact, regular coaching will deliver positive results and long-lasting change. 
Every paid session comes with a no question, money-back guarantee.

A process where through questioning and deeper discussion, the CLIENT finds the ways to achieve their goals. 

The coach helps guide the client to

-decide on key priorities​

-consider potential obstacles and how to navigate around them successfully

-set themselves achievable goals to complete before the next session

-to reflect on their progress - which areas were more difficult than others and how they -can avoid or tackle these difficulties in the future

-feel confident in their own ability to find solutions and implement them

Coaching is...

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