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Chris Healey

Advocate for 

the creative talent,

the attention to detail

and the entrepreneurial skills

of adults with ADHD


ADHD can be an uniquely powerful asset.

A gift.

...if managed with understanding Hallowell & Hatey (ADHD 2.0)

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Coaching client

Chris really supported me through my transition into freelance work. The regular coaching sessions were thought-provoking and incredibly useful

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Richard Bacon
Podcast Guest

I really enjoyed the interview. I learned a lot... the conversation and rapport was excellent... a very good interviewer

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Coaching Client

 I needed to talk to someone who really understood what ADHD was like and could give me the empathy, space and help me achieve practical goals I couldn't reach for alone.

Chris is a kind, supportive and genuine coach. With his help I am more able to acknowledge my successes and be compassionate to myself when dealing with my challenges.

The campaign to change the UK's approach to adults with ADHD

We are calling on the government to review its approach to the growing population of adults with ADHD


1. Diagnose -

Reduce the current waiting list times to less than 6 months (currently 2-7 years).
Offer special pre-diagnosis support to people referred for assessment.

2. Inform -

The diagnosed patients, the wider public,.workplaces and employers need detailed information about ADHD's effect on adults.

3. Support -

Medication is NOT the only way to treat ADHD - coaching and lifestyle changes are hugely beneficial.

On-going advice and guidance on lifestyle changes to help adults manage their ADHD.

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ADHD in the UK 

ADHD in the UK is a book for people with ADHD and their loved ones.

It's a survival guide to help people navigate having ADHD within the UK's healthcare system.

Typical for someone with adhd, I've always been hyper-creative.  

A DJ in clubs around Europe in my late teens, I have been producing, writing and performing music ever since.
Over the last few years I have been making crazy DJ mixes every few months. Inspired by the mashing up mixes of Soulwax (too many djs) - I love thechallenge of mixes completely differnt genres together and surprising the listeners.  A new track every few minutes, often acapellas over entirely different songs and the more varied the genres the better. Music from multiple decades, and such a wide of genres: hiphop, disco, electro, rock, indie, R&B, drum and bass, dub step, retro 50s rock n roll, punk, ska and the list goes on.

I only realised this year that my DJing is symptomatic of ADHD: challenging, creative, always changing direction... meticulously crafted and technically proficient...

So having named my New Year's Eve Mix ADHDJ,  a close friend suggested I should share my New Year's mix on my ADHD site.  

I hope someone dares to give it a go.  I hope you enjoy it.  

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